Christos Kotsinis
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Everything that is original, as outcome, doesn’t have to do with the composing elements but with the main question through which they are interrelated, in order for the parts to be in sequence and to support each other in a united and systematic whole. (Karl Marx). Christos Kotsinis is a graphic designer and art director, as well as illustrator, photographer & printer. After he completed his BA in Graphic Design, Christos began his career as a junior graphic designer at mnp Design Studio. In 2012 he co-founded Reach People, with Manos Venieris, a design studio specialised in creating visual non-sense handmade products. He is a multi-awarded designer in EBΓΕ, the Greek graphic & communication awards. After many and various collaborations with graphic designers, illustrators and photographers, today he does exactly the same, he collaborates. Sometimes he runs his own practice.